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Get the thrill of owning a sports car and with our knowledge you can buy with confidence.

We customize trucks and vans to create a bespoke vehicle that can be utilized as a commercial vehicle while also looking the part.

Fancy a new car? Contact us today as we can underwrite your current vehicle while also find you your next vehicle. 


Fy enw i yw Cynyr Peredur Davies a chroeso i fy nghwmni.

My name is Cynyr Peredur Davies and welcome to my company.


I am the third generation of a successful new and used motor dealer in West Wales (O/C/Davies) which means I have been born into the motor trade and been surrounded by vast knowledge of the industry. After spending time learning in our family business I have branched off to create this motor specialist company which offers two main collections of signature trucks and signature sports cars.


We also offer a bespoke experience of allowing a motor dealer to find you your next car. With all the websites, offers and various makes and models it's gone harder to choose the right one for you so why not let us do the work for you?



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